Inspirational Leadership Conference

Free to attend! 


This year’s conference is the kick-off event for Boldly Together,

a community of inspirational leaders sharing their life’s stories, experience, and expertise.

  • Hear from inspirational speakers who are leaders in their industries and communities.
  • Collaborate and network with people, businesses, and organizations.
    • Discover new ideas to help you grow in your personal and professional life.


    Jill Barras, Co-founder Going Boldly Together

    Gary Barras, P.E. Salt River Project

    Jenn Chavez, Founder Women of Legacy by JO

    Leslie A Craig, Owner / Founder, Celebrate You

    Timothy Craig, Mirror International

    Brooke Helvey Aloe, Community Leader

    Dustin Baker, CEO Assisted Living Locators East Valley

    Sean O'Neil, The Memory Guy, President Memory Dynamics