Dirk Van Leenen

Dirk Van Leenen 2DIRK VAN LEENEN

Speaker and Author of the award-winning book, "Resistance on a Bicycle".

Dirk Van Leenen was born in 1940 just after the war had begun in The Netherlands. He is married to Cynthia June Van Leenen. Together they have seven children and seventeen grandchildren They live in Arizona. Dirk has spent his life working with flowers. He has several degrees in Horticulture and floral design. His interest in English Literature began when he was still living in Holland. At the University of Leiden, he studied English and he worked a number of years in Holland as an English teacher. For years he used to tell stories about his experiences during the Second World War in Holland. His children and grandchildren always urged him to write a book about those difficult times.

Dirk has written four books and travels around the world speaking and telingl his stories, which are documented in his books.

To Learn more about Dirk Van Leenen or to purchase his books visit DirkVanLeenen.com